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Inside Scoop on Booking the Job – Screenwriter GiGi Rios New Tells All

Inside Scoop on Booking the Job – Screenwriter GiGi Rios New Tells All

$ 60.00

For Young Professional Actors (Age 10+) and Parents  


You may know what an actor looks for in a script—but do you know what a writer looks for in an actor? In this 1.5 hour* webinar, we will explore the connection between actor and writer. When a writer creates an episode, series or movie, they build a world of conflict, stakes and layered characters that best serve the story they are trying to tell. It's your job as an actor to learn about story structure and figure out what role your character plays in the narrative. Are you a main character or are you there to serve a main character? Is your scene from the beginning, middle or end of the story? Are you part of the main storyline or a side story? Answering these questions will help you make the most vivid, interesting and appropriate choices—and exit the audition room with the creative team cheering: that's our kid! Well, OK, the cheering may happen after the door closes and you may wait in suspense for three days, but that big YES is coming!

This webinar will reveal these VITAL TIPS and more: 

What is the biggest error those auditioning for co-star roles make?
What is a sure-fire way to irritate the creative team and not get called back?
What should you (or your parent) make time to do to up your odds of booking?
What are some bad habits casting directors will be watching for? 
What are some important ways to improve your odds of a successful career?

Understanding what's on the page and the way it's crafted will allow you, as an actor, to be a valued asset to any production—be it film, television or stage. Simply saying the lines will not book you the job; delivering nuanced moments that the writer has intended will. Join me, get inside the writer's brain, hear what happens on the other side of the casting table, and enjoy a few laughs along the way! 

*Students with homework or conflicting commitments may leave before the Q&A session, which will begin around 8:10 pm.

Taught by: GiGi Rios New

For: Age 10+ , parents welcome

When: Monday, May 22, from 7 to 8:30 pm EDT

Where: On Zoom

Gigi Rios New
GiGi Rios New is a writer for the HBO Max series The Garcias and has developed TV shows for Matthew Broderick and Olivia Colman. Her screenplay Public Emily is in development with Emmy-nominated AGC Studios. Killer Films Production Company (Still Alice, Carol, Boys Don’t Cry, Halston – Netflix series) is attached to GiGi’s original TV show Mercy, and she has written a TV movie for Lifetime Television. GiGi served as a writing assistant on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.


"GiGi was awesome. I learned so much!" —Jamie Mann, professional actor

"I wish I had learned all of this 20 years ago!" —Michael Sharits, professional actor

“GiGi is devoted to empowering the actor by sharing her wealth of knowledge and experiences. It was a relief to really grasp that writers are on our side and want us to succeed, simply by telling their story in the most straightforward way.” —Ali Pearl, professional actor/acting teacher

"GiGi was beyond wonderful. Her insight into screenwriting and how actors should approach a script was really helpful." —Deb Katz, professional actor

“GiGi is amazing, and to hear what the writer looks for in an actor is everything.” —Markley Rizzi, professional actor

“GiGi is full of personal stories that give you an insider’s view of how the business of film and television work. Fantastic workshop!” —Mindy Fox, professional actor


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